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¿"Western" con ovni?

At first, this looked a lot like a sound stage shot, as there are not many old black and white films that have convincing day-for-night scenes and few directors worth their salt ever attempted real night shooting. But it appears this footage from "Rio Grande" (John Ford/1950) is indeed in the great outdoors. Roland writes, "On the DVD I have there is a documentary called the making of RIO GRANDE and it says the film was shot entirely on location in Moabe, Utah."

'Rio Grande' just happened to be aired on American Movie Channel this afternoon and I caught it, and only spotted one or two "set" shots (one was the use of a film backdrop as a covered wagon in the foreground is speeding along -- such a shot would require some kind of a studio trick) that were likely tossed in post-production. The vast majority of night shots were expertly done day-for-night (where special darkening lenses are used during daylight shooting to imitate night). Later in color productions they would use a blue filter to achieve the same "fake night" effect. So if this is a true night shot, it's remarkably well done for its time and whatever is flying around those mountains is very brightly illuminated and making maneuvers no plan or jet could pull off, even today. It's also rather large, whatever it is. If the shot is day-for-night, we're still talking about a very large, very bright or highly reflective object. Either way, its a UFO.

In the clip provided, you'll see the UFO, which appears to be disc shaped, suddenly appear to the left of the Duke's head and brightly travel left to just behind a tree in the foreground. It then seems to bobble, lose illumination, and reappear streaking rapidly across the sky above the mountain range, leaving a tracer. Then it's not clear if the same UFO or several UFO start an up and down dance in the same general area, crossing from the sky to the area just at the top of the mountain, one swooping down very quickly.

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